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Retention and Trial Experience In Each of the Following Disciplines:
Personal Injury
GCG has provided equal representation for Plaintiffs and Defendants: Electrical injury & electrocution, trip & fall related to lighting, egress, excavation, and other pedestrian hazards, utility worker injuries, standard of care issues, and more.  Work has been on behalf of casino resorts, commercial properties, residential complexes, institutions, industrial properties, governmental agencies, as well as injured parties.
Construction Defect
GCG has provided balanced representation in more than 800 cases, in multiple states, on behalf of developers, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, and associations.  Services have been provided with respect to both owners and builders of commercial properties, institutional facilities, housing communities, single-family dwellings, condominium complexes, and high-rise buildings.
GCG has provided analysis of existing lighting systems and design of lighting systems. Representation has been on behalf of property owners, damaged parties, insurance carriers, sureties, and law firms.  GCG has been involved in numerous types of personal injury as pertaining to lighting.  Our work includes reconstruction of lighting scenes and photometric regeneration.  Systems analyses include: commercial lighting, parking lot lighting, public ways, street lights, signal lights, interior lighting, mixed use property lighting, residential lighting, utility lighting, and institutional lighting.
Forensic Analysis
GCG has provided team analysis and destructive testing of artifacts and exemplar materials, microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and X-ray evaluation relative to failed or fire damaged artifacts and evidence.  This also includes material analysis as pertaining to electrical equipment and wiring systems, lighting fixtures and equipment, electronic appliances, mechanical equipment, and electrical appliances.  Representation has been on behalf of manufactures, contractors, insurance carriers, property owners, and other individuals.
Damages and Economic Impact
GCG has provided evaluation and audit of contracts, plans, specifications, loss of income, contract disputes, delay claims, present value analysis, and resultant damage. Work has been on behalf of property owners, mixed use facilities, commercial properties, contractors, pre-manufactured home communities, and impact resulting from utility overbearance.
Surety Bonding
GCG services have been provided on behalf of more than 6 major U.S. sureties.  Services have been provided on behalf of contractors, owners of public works facilities, engineers, architects, and governmental bodies.  Work in this regard has been with respect to projects in southern and central California, Nevada, Nebraska, Idaho, and Arizona.
Fire Analysis Electrical
GCG has been retained by and has testified on behalf of property owners, insurance companies, damaged parties, and manufacturers, as part of the evaluation of fires and explosions, as pertaining to potentially relevant electrical systems, equipment, appliances, and their component parts.