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Don Gifford founded the company in 1998 following a career as a contractor and businessman.  He is the Managing Member and Qualified Individual for Gifford Consulting Group, LLC, Nevada State Contractors C-2 Electrical License#: 0071996, and is likewise licensed in Arizona and California.  He also holds a Nevada General Building B-2 Residential & Small Commercial and B-6 Commercial Remodeling License (#: 0084000).  His first retention as a paid consultant and expert witness pertaining to electrical and corrosion issues was in a matter known as Nakatani v BHP Partners. As an outgrowth of this experience, requests for his service has resulted in his having been hired as an expert more than 1,200 times. He has testified numerous times, including in Superior Courts and District Courts.  Moreover, GCG has been retained to perform work in matters pertaining to mechanical and plumbing fields of science, where associated personnel representing these disciplines are utilized. Currently, Mr. Gifford is working as a designated expert on more than 100 cases.


Don Gifford, B.S., M.B.A.
Testifying Electrical Expert
Chief Executive Officer
Licensed In Nevada, California & Arizona

Don L Gifford’s Curriculum Vitae


Richard D. McCleister, 
Senior Electrical Expert
Master Electrician

Richard McCleister’s CV


Harvey Irby, P.E.
Testifying Mechanical & Plumbing Expert
Licensed in Multiple States

Harvey Irby’s CV


Scott Jacobs, P.E.
Testifying Civil  Engineer
Expertise includes Structural/Civil

Licensed in Multiple States

Scott Jacob’s CV