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Mr. Gifford has been retained as an economic impact expert on a number of occasions, including without limitation: a) on behalf of the owners of a western 500,000 acre preserve, wherein they had been sued for approximately 50 million dollars, based on alleged economic impact to an injured patron of the preserve; b) a matter where the owners of a mixed use, high-rise property in Southern Nevada were in a dispute related to monies owned by the retail tenants’ use of byproducts originating with mechanical, electrical,and water systems operations paid for by the owner for nearly 5 years; c) a decade-long case involving a multi-million dollar contract dispute between the owners of a one billion dollar west-coast project, their prime contractor, and subcontractors — the scope of retention, on behalf of the municipality, included inspection of the public works plant, a study of construction plans and specifications, research regarding validity of change orders and contract change directives,  examination of requests for information and requests for proposals, and ascertaining compliances. Work as an economic expert  and as a damages consultant typically includes a present value analysis.  In matters involving contract disputes or in working for a surety, a  proposed set of alternatives solutions with projected outcomes are calculated, substantiated, and presented as part of the analysis. Mr. Gifford has performed expert work in matters dealing with project delay, utility company over-bearance, contract and scope of work disputes, entitlements, procurements, equipment valuation, and depreciation.



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