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GCG has participated in scores of matters where lab based forensic analyses were performed for the purpose of ascertaining the causes and/or sources of product failure, fires, and/or explosions involving electrical switchgear, conduit and wiring, copper piping, lighting systems, transformers, water valves, underground corrosion, electrolysis, and internal failures.  As part of a team of experts and at times as an expert team leader, Mr. Gifford has conducted and/or participated in inspections, analysis, destructive testing, microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray of failed or fire damaged artifacts and evidence. In recent years Mr. Gifford was retained to analyze evidence related to, by way of example and not of limitation: a) a failure involving the explosion of a one million dollar Prevost bus conversion; b) fires within large commercial structures, including a high-rise; c) a multitude of fires within custom homes, tract homes, medical facilities, and production facilities; d) fires involving electrical transformers, battery chargers, sprinkler clocks, lighting fixtures, household appliances, and commercial equipment and appliances; e) plumbing piping; f) mechanical component failure; f) and more.

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