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Mr. Gifford has designed and constructed lighting systems for more than three decades.  He has been responsible for the design of electrical and lighting systems related to new car agencies, chemical plants, mining operations, institutions, public roadways, commercial parking lots, rental car facilities, airport area parking lots, churches, and nightclubs. He has testified on numerous occasions with regard to lighting systems, lighting equipment, and lighting design.  Mr. Gifford is a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and, as such, was invited to speak at a national lighting symposium sponsored by IESNA in Nashville, TN in 2014. In addition to his trial testimony appertaining to lighting, a New Jersey based mining company was responsible for an injury and near death of a D-9 Caterpillar operator who passed over the apex of a coal heap and slid more than 100 feet into a coal chute designed to load railroad cars. As part of his retention, Mr. Gifford analyzed the company safety practices, circumstances surrounding the incident, impact of inadequacy of lighting to the well being of the operator and equipment; this work was done on behalf of the jurisdictional authority. In 1986, Mr. Gifford designed a $1,000,000 temporary lighting system for use in each of the two spillway overflow tunnels at Hoover Dam. In more than one instance, he has used his training and expertise to recreate, for forensic purposes, the effects of lighting at commercial properties which had undergone changes subsequent to trip and fall incidences, thus providing reliable data for use in trial, including the production of photometrics in order to recreate lighting scenarios at communities and at commercial facilities where conditions had changes subsequent to an injury and complaint.



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