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GCG has been retained by sureties who have bonded contractors performing public works projects and commercial projects. This work has included: a) analysis of financial records, payroll records, contract records, and public works documents; b) evaluation of Invitations to Bid, project specifications, building plans, and Process Detail and Instrumentation Diagrams; c) communications and mediation with public works entity engineers and principals; d) communications with company principals, associates, and employees; e) communications with government and utility employees; f) analysis of public records; g) analysis and interaction with design professionals, including engineers of record, with respect to a project.  Mr. Gifford has worked directly on behalf of sureties on projects, as follows: i) Southern Nevada Water Authority Ozone Project; ii) Water Delivery Upgrade and Treatment projects in Los Angeles, Fresno, Pamona, San Diego and Riverside, CA; iii) a new Walmart store in Nogales, AZ; iv) Maricopa County Judicial Center in Phoenix, AZ; v) Platt River Power Authority, Nebraska; vi) Water Treatment Plant at Weiser, Idaho; vii) Hampton Inn, Las Vegas, NV; viii) commercial project, Fullerton, CA; ix) Carnegie Street Schools, NV; x) UNLV University Medical Center; xi) Clark County School District facility, Las Vegas, NV.


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